April Member Meeting & Presentation: Restoration of the Snake River

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  • Wednesday | April 21, 2021
  • 7:00 pm
  • Members may attend this meeting in person or virtually In Person at: Star Riverhouse, 960 S. Main Street Star, ID 83669 On Zoom: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89594399745
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Members are invited to our monthly meeting featuring a brief member update followed by a presentation on a fly fishing topic by a noted speaker. Meetings are via Zoom currently. As soon as feasible we will begin holding these meetings at the Riverhouse in Star.

Restoration of the Snake River

with Josh Johnson, Idaho Conservation League

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In this presentation, ICL’s Conservation Associate Josh Johnson will speak about the path forward for restoring the Snake River and the Eastern Snake River Plain aquifer. A clean and safe Snake River is key to a healthy and prosperous future for southern Idaho. Unfortunately, the Snake River and its aquifer are polluted by agricultural runoff and dairy waste. These pollutants, primarily phosphorus, and nitrate, threaten water quality across southern Idaho. This harmful trend of declining water quality creates problems for the river’s ecosystem and endangers the health of more than 300,000 Idahoans who rely on the aquifer for drinking water. ICL is working to improve water quality in southern Idaho and make the Snake River safe, swimmable, and fishable again.

Learn more about Idaho Conservation League’s campaign to clean up the Snake River: https://www.idahoconservation.org/our-work/snake-river/

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